Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up

Yes, every child is indeed an artist.
But, a very few persist to be once they grow up.

Who is an artist?

Is she a person who creates paintings and drawings, as a profession or a hobby?
Or is he a person who performs any of the creative arts? For example a sculptor, film-maker, actor, or a dancer.
Uhmm ..
Forsooth, both the above can be answered with a ‘Yes’.
But there is yet another, more accurate definition as per which every single being can be designated as an artist. Here it goes,
‘An artist is anyone who hasn’t let the psychedelic colours of his or her life go humdrum (lifeless).’
And as per this connotation, every child is no doubt one of the sort. Simply because, a little one is at all times full of life.
But eventually the child grows into a toddler, a toddler heightens into an adolescent and a teen finally evolves to be a grown up!

And, what comes the next?

As the days pass ..

As the days course by, with the rhythmic pattern of the unstoppable time, flowing without ends, we grown ups get worn away.

With time, the vibrance of the colours within us begins to abrade and our liveliness, that used to be, by and by dissolves.
We, on an average, after struggling a bit to retain back our liveliness, begin to surrender ourselves to the conventions and to the lacklustre paths laid down by the society.

And when someone

happens to ask if we are happy or not, all we are left with, as an answer, is this. “I have all the luxuries a person can dream of, I have found true love, I am doing the work I always wanted to do and thus, I should be content. So, I am.”


On being insisted upon the question they always come up with something they are lacking, the businessman hasn’t yet closed the deal he wanted, the housewife would like to have more independence and more money, the boy who is in love is afraid of losing his girlfriend, the new graduate wonders if he chose his career or if it was chosen for him, the dentist wanted to be a singer, the singer wanted to be a politician, the politician wanted to be a writer, the writer wanted to be a farmer.

~ Paulo Coelho

Most of them are deficient in some innominate tincture. Despite an itch towards the crimson or the iridescent they simply accept the absence of these pigments.They find narrating the built up stories easier. The stories that condemn all sorts of worldly elements for depriving them of the metaphoric paint brush, through which they could have been adding the scintillating hues.

Children Arrive Animists

As a toddler, we dreamt of achieving the stars and the clouds, far beyond in the sky. We dared to vision about touching the sky, of walking on the ice, of pulling the dog’s tail, of kissing a bird, of flying like an aeroplane.

Children arrive animists. They learn about life, themselves, and empathy by imagining the liveliness of everything they come into contact with. ~S.Kelley Harrell

At the age, that tender, we plucked up the courage to picture and to envision.
We had the nerve to dream.
Dreamt anything without giving a thought about the slightest fear of its possibility of coming true. We didn’t even think what people will opine about it.
As a child, if we had a fancy to eat an ice-cream, we simply dragged the entire world to an ice-cream parlour. At first, by persuading the elders to come with us. And if in vain, then next, by pestering them. Until at last, we had a cone in our little fingers.
If in our salad days, we saw a duck, swimming across the pond’s green water, we would simply jump along to swim like it, without reasoning its consequences.
At an age that tender enough we could easily make big, bold decisions and execute them as per our will. But now, we unambiguously surrender to the social norms, limiting our dreams to over-the-table chit-chats and discussions. We just talk about our unfulfilled dreams during gatherings, expressing regret over the path we didn’t and could take.


I am, here, forced to say that age, experience and savoir faire has foreshortened our maturity, intelligence and capability to make our own decisions!
We blindly depend on the whimsical society to make decisions for us. Isn’t it?
Have you ever given a thought to this declining picture?
Ahead of this, I feel, I myself am incapable of guiding you. I now leave the ball in your court!

Be a light unto yourself.
~Gautam Budhha


Be an artist!
Revive the artist in yourself. Rejuvenate. Bring to life the colours beneath your skin.

Yes, every child is indeed an artist.
But, a very few persist to be once they grow up.

Be a sculptor. Be an artist.
Carve your life. Hue it with the colours that suit your heart ❀ and retina.
Feel free to edit it as per your will.

3 thoughts on “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up

  1. EVery Child is aN aRtist .the problem is How to remain an artist once We grow up …….
    Well said By ” Pablo Picasso ” .
    ANd Well Portrait by You Into a FraMe of ImaGinaTion aNd Inspiration .πŸ‘β€
    ThaNks For starting up maah daY witH being Inspired 😊
    ThaNkyou sO muCh isHika

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