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Motivation is garbage

Sounds crazy?
It is as much true as much as crazy.

Motivation is garbage.
~Melanie Brown

If you really wanna change your life, and do something then don’t sit and wait for motivation to come.
Just get up and decide what it exactly is that you have to work out at in order to be living your aim, and do it. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway.


Have you been to a gym?
I have. And this is what I learnt from my experience there, apart from the daily exercise and workout.
‘The trainer used to ask me to repeat most of the exercises or the moves thirty times, breaking it into, three, sets of ten.
So as I paced with my sets, the first set always began easy, I enjoyed it, and did it with vim and will. As it neared the end, I started losing my breath. After the first, the next set would get a little harder. And as the second set neared its end, the mind would build up a hypothesis. ‘Since you are almost up with the two sets, you can probably cut down the counting in your last set. This way you will save yourself from the pain that might be. So, needn’t take the risk.’

Though, I remember, all this hypothesis was being recited by my mind silently, but somehow the coach, standing hardly a few metres, heard it! So, during my last set, the trainer, by chance, caught me skipping a few counts. And this is what he remarked, the next. ‘Usually the last few counts, that seem back-breaking and the ones you skip, are the ones that will actually make a difference. I leave it upto you. But if you wanna really regain your physique, then…’
So, in actual, the last tiring hour or minute of the work that we put up, with almost negative motivation and forced dedication, is the one that will take us a step closer to the place where we destined to be.

When it gets difficult is often right before you succeed
~ Jeffrey Walker

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