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If you ask me about my ‘hobbies’, this is what I have to say

As per my opinion, everyone has a list of hobbies to pursue. And from my list the one that’s on 24-to-7 is walking. I revel in walking down the road, whenever I am free. No matter where I am. I just like to stroll, footslog, step out, take the air, stretch my legs and roam.
You can call me a wanderer, if you like!
I take pleasure in meeting random strangers on my way, during this seeming patrol. To share their stories. The kind of stories you don’t tell anyone who is familiar to you, as a friend, an acquaintance or a family member. And these strangers, I choose to hear from, have something in common. Though they are as random as possible but, they belong to a fresh ilk, worked on by my brain. They are either the people who are old enough and carry wrinkled skins, that pucker while speaking, or the ones who are physically challenged and young. The nomination of these people is such because of the reason that I look for people with stories, I am yet to live. That is, I like to hear stories that are unheard of, or the ones that are simple, uncomplicated and yet warming. On one hand, those who are old have no lack of such stories because of their unmatchable experience. And on the other hand, the ones whom the life has bestowed upon with extra challenges, have accounts that are stitched from yarns of words that have been lived by more than spoken ( in case of a mute person), spoken by more than seen ( in case of a blind) , seen by more than heard ( in case of a deaf), … etcetera.
All the versions of their accounts are obscure, unsung and unusual. The ones that can lead to great inventions, but are kept mum.
There is a such mum-hum in the lives of each of us.
‘ Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud.
~ Anonymous’
This is what gives me a kick. The untold, closet stories.
Apart from just people, even the places, the things, and the roads I take have such unexampled plots to cantillate. So I love travelling, especially, on foot. There is something I love the most, as a means to learn these stories. And that is, the breeze that hits my face. Yes! This is a secret about me, that I am yet to discover in square and, no one connected to me has so far heard of.
I love to stand by the door of the bus, almost swinging by the pole near the door, just to feel the breath of the wind along with my breath. I love when while walking by the footpath, the Sun, all of a sudden, changes its direction as it then allows a gust of wind to float across me, almost giving me horripilations.
And of all, I love to stand at the metro station just before the train is about to arrive, because of the sudden current of air that it comes carrying. The gentle wind is some sort of a medicine to an unknown healthy disease I am developing.
At any risk, even if it is the threat of death,
I chose to hear these stories at time
Though at present,
While writing this rhyme
I feel the loss of words to describe what it is to me,
But the phrases work better than
Any cure-all or antidotes or elixirs can ensue to be.
The words that I hear
May chose Any medium,
Whatsoever it may be,
A person, a thing, a place or even a honeybee
But they come to me,
Even without my knowledge
And I name ‘hearing them’ as my hobby …
And in all this that I scribble, there is a spiel of your entity.
As you read,
The script that runs as a movie along the reel
Is the story of your life
But the secrets I reveal.

2 thoughts on “A Note From The Author

  1. TraVellinG opens your mind beCoz it allows you to grow new branches to your knowledge and new ☺#smells and #sensations to add to your experiences, which can then FueL your imagination DeAr ❤
    Keep TraVellinG isHikA ❤
    Your,s tHinking PowR aNd ImaGiation One daY taKe You to The NeXt leVeL ❤
    All The Best 👍

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