Take A Stand, If It’s For a Good Cause

Neither you and nor I have the right to allow the indecent or the wrongful to proliferate and thrive.

Standing amidst the crowd and raising a voice for a cause, no doubt, requires  a lot more courage than the words can express. But, at the same time, sometimes, and in fact a lot of times, adopting a firm position about an issue is the need of the hour.

Take A Stand, If It’s For a Good Cause!

Are You Courageous Enough to Take a Stand for Yourself?

Courage has many forms.

Holding your ground against some sort of unjust behaviour being thrown upon you, by the mass around you, is a form of it.

Don’t ever do without being brave, when it is indispensable.

       “Nari jag ka mol hai, Nari se sansar
Nari jeewan dayini, bujho baram bar ”





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