People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.
~ Winnie, the Pooh (Christopher Robin)

Some people live
And some just act as if they are living
They just give
so much fuck about being
Something big
And end up ignoring
the small things
in their life-casting
That actually matter

The screenplay,
Christpoher Robin, in a simple way
Tries to bring,
The fact that had its sway,
Back to our way

That The way of our life
Is The way we live
With the sighs that come from
The things that are little, and not too big
The twigs are the ones
That will make you the nest
Work your best
And forget the rest

Weekends in life
May add the missing spice
To the little four letter word
You may spell rightly as LIFE

A movie, that didn’t teach me, for a change. But instead took some perceptive teachings, away, at a range.
The teachings that brought about
focusing on the goal-work to an extent
where you forget your family, love and your friend
Even your actual reason of doing the job may seem foggy
I am sorry to say
Losing yourself, is the greatest folly

I did this till date. And then though being the last person you will like to hear it from, I am the best one to tell you how much pain running away from yourself, towards some fancy life, can bring.

Don’t worry and stress about overworking, overcelebrating,… respect the simplicity of your life, and don’t do over of anything. Respect your limits, know your flaws, discover your problems and accept them and live with them happily.

My favourite dialogue in the movie:

When I am going somewhere, I sometimes stop to wait, so that the somewhere comes to me.
~Pooh (in Christopher Robin)

Drink tea.
Play ‘Say what you see’ while you travel and look out of the window.
And you too may believe that, if you are not getting anything, and feeling confused, then it probably implies that you are hungry. That’s it.

Your life is happening now, right in front of you. ~

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.
~ Winnie, the Pooh (Christopher Robin)

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Can Anyone Write A Random Poem


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