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Why Do People Believe Everything They’re Told?

Last week, I was pinged by another manifest question. The conversation went like,

Person 1:

… maybe, Because they think that it is an easier way to deal with our problems! And I don’t stand completely against such people.

We often tend to believe what we are told off repeatedly and emphasizingly. There can be numerous reasons to this. 

Consider the following situation and let me know what choice would be easy for you to make?

Suppose you are visiting a completely new place, you have never been to before. You are looking for an address that you have visit to deposit some documents as early as possible. You are struck at a folk of the road, where there are no signboards, and your net pack has expired, so you can’t use the Google maps.

What then?

You are perplexed and waiting anxiously for someone to turn around, who is better familiar with the place so that he or she can help you trace the address.

Suddenly, a car arrives.

What will you do?

  • Will you let the car pass by?
  • Will you jump in front of the car waving your hands for the driver to stop and help?

To be honest, I would go with the second choice, take help from the stranger and believe his words, more often than not.

This is what we do in each or at least many of our real life situations. We believe what others say at the time of trouble, at the time of perplexion and at the time when we are struck, just because we want an urgent way out of our problem.

But believing others blindly, is not always correct.

Maybe, they who are trying to help, actually will stop you from achieving your goals, by misguiding you

They may call your goals useless..

Or maybe they will betray you for their personal benifits..

Or it can be the case, that they don’t know each and every detail about you, so they mistakenly suggest a wrong option to you considering narrow options..

So trust yourself, take time to judge whatever you think should be judged, and then believe others , if at all they are to be believed. Listening to your mentors, for example, is helpful sometimes.

Life is difficult. But don’t run away. Face it. Check this Difficult doesn’t mean impossible but simply that you have to work hard.

For anything else that concerns you, write back.

Person 2:

I would go with the second option, however not too long ago I asked for directions when walking in a downtown area and was sent the opposite way of my travels because I chose to listen blindly, thinking this man knew the area better than me. It was almost 12am after I left work and around 35 degrees. Not proud to say that I wished harm on that man for blindly leading me in the opposite direction. I learned a valuable lesson….Fact check all directions from in-the-area civilians.

Person 1:

That is what it is!

Maybe, at time, listening to others may seem the only possibility, but then the consequences will be by your side.

Either you’ll be lost, prepare yourself for the adventure then, or you’ll be found, and that is what we all are living here for!

If found, the advice would be wise,

If lost, you may pray the person to frost,

But not to my surprise

What so ever you choose

May it be water or the ice

You will get to taste a slice

Of the ‘Life’ named spice ! …

Person 2:

Granted, that extra time walking did give me more life for the night. When I achieved my goal I didn’t have spite. I took a left when I could’ve went right, yet remained unscathed as I walked through the light.

Person 1:

So, you lived it right.

This is what life is in its actual sense.

To live each and every moment, without spite, no matter what,

enjoying the uncertainty that persists,

the chanciness you can’t resist,

turning the pages,

Running across the ages,

Living by the stark

question mark,

Living up to the brim gist

with an open fist!

Special thanks to Roddy Pauper ( Second person )

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