By accepting yourself!
I am no motivational speaker, to be able to stand to your question. But, I am an ordinary person who has lived and experienced, what we actually call ‘Life’. And out of my insight into this life, from tales I have heard and from the tales I dictate, this is what I have to say.
The society treats us the way we treat ourselves. So if there is a mislay in the way others are conducting themselves towards us, it’s time to lay stronger and firmer bricks of self-assurance, aplomb, sangfroid and collectedness.
Stop looking for people who shall accept you, at first.
Start looking for yourself. Accept the set fact no one is ever going to accept you as you are. And, there is a reason for this. People often fear accepting people who are better and more capable, in order to save themselves their domain-notability.

But the truth is inescapable. And at last, iff you know your worth then this is what happens. Even if they might be envious of you, they may misjudge you in the beginning and even think that you are snobbish, they will wish to be at your place and/or with you.
Being open-hearted and flexible to the world at large is good. But don’t forget to remember: Listen to every heart, but follow only yours.
Accept yourself.
It is the bravest thing one can ever do.
I may continue on this, but n a while.
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