Are you curious to know what the term ‘tripBohemia’ signifies?


to trip means ;

  • to stumble
  • to miscalculate or to err …

but also ;

  • to walk or to run
  • to outsmart
  • to activate or to turn on …


A bohemian is one ;

  • who is livingawanderingorvagabondlife,asaGypsy
  • who is pertainingto anunconventionallife
  • who asanartistorwriter,livesandacts freely regardlessof conventionalrulesandpractices.
  • lives a stereotypic life, may be in material poverty, because they prefer their art or their learning to lesser goods.
  • who is unconventional in habits, attire and morals


tripBohemia means;

  • to outsmart the imposed myths of the society and live an unconventional life
  • to develop not only by climbing the stairs of technology but by ascending the steps to Self-realisation
  • to walk and to run, but not just to save yourself a job, but to race on a path that leads to Self-discovery …

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