If Life Fascinates You …

And you do live or wanna live it like this …


  • If you are a backpacker, a globetrotter, a leisure traveller, a pathfinder, a roadie, a rover, a sightseer or simply you just love to travel then…
For people who candidly love to travel can understand the immense pleasure that accompanies. Footslogging on the sedgy passes that leads to hilltops, rills, scenic valleys and other adventurous destinations can give a kick no feeling can substitute.
Hiking through thrilling and stimulating disembarkations will surely leave you in awe. If you don’t wait for a weekend to trip an excursion and if taking ‘risks’ is the noun that ranks top in your dictionary,
then, …


  • If being a foodie is your quality or eating a hobby, then…
The sensation of flavour perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a Delicious delicacy can absolutely cause anyone’s mouth to water. But if you can’t keep yourself from exploring yummy and appetizing cuisines, then …


  • If your hands and toes also hum when the music is on, then…
It has been believed since long, by those who practise music, that notes and tunes have healing powers. But, even those who just rock-n-hop to the beats, or lend an ear to the music at rare events or occasionally can endure its therapeutic and soothing effects.
It has the alphabets that hum and rhyme. As quoted aptly,
” When words fail, music speaks!” ~Hans Christian Andersen
These alphabets of music take you to a world that connects your imagination to reality. And if you too feel the emotion of the music, …


  • If your dream is the only thing you can’t stop thinking about despite unalike-colours of life, then…


Success Story

  • If life stories or stories from the lives of un-alike people fascinate you …
… that’s it. This is the correct page you have landed on!
Life is but a journey. Probably the longest of all the other journeys we have ever been through. If you are a daredevil, say yes to every upcoming random adventure in this journey. Howsoever heebie-jeebies each episode of this journey might give you, you’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but not to quit ;
Put your heart, mind and soul in every little act of your life, and live a life out of the box.
Remember that,” a ship is always safe at the shore but that isn’t what it is built for!” So take chances, face risks, and sail across the dangerous waters akin to a ship.
Design your path, choose your direction and lay the bricks. Make your passion your destination. Find the job or line that engages you the most. Then simply pen your own definition of success.
At the same time don’t fail to remember that there isn’t an elevator to success. You have to take the dilapidated, time-worn stairs. And if you have finally built a map to a walkaway and are tracing your steps on the map, do it with passion or don’t do it at all ;
At last, an underpinning I have built my life on:
there is nothing outside you, so seek nothing outside yourself,

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