The unplanned knee pain!

This is the best thing about life
this uncertainty
this insanity
That what might turn up the very next jiffy,
Is iffy
When you set the alarm
The alarm is to ring
But will you be the one who wakes up
at its tring,
The next morning?
~Ishika Aggarwal
Every day, when the alarm wakes you up
Getting up is difficult
It always suck
But the thought that doesn’t make its way
Is what you should here, allow me to say
The day you see,
is today
Could be, it would be busy
To turn up someday
And that day, there won’t be any today
Your life would have ended at yesterday…

So this morning when I was up

The knee was not ready for the day
Lazy and sleepy it felt
And thus resisted any movement up, till the bathroom belt
The pain was what struck me at that time
I can’t bring a word which may rhyme
But the pain then lasted for a month
I cursed it for days to come
Something amiss then was the question
That is it all in life, on which I should burden
I thought of the pain
Worked on it, for it to drain
But all just ended up in vain
My family doctor was out on a holiday
And life was far too busy for me
to take off and lay for more than a day
So the knee was to be cured
Tea was to be poured
And with this on the top of my to-do list
I began my workaday
Without much vim n zest
The doctor asked me for fifteen blood tests to be put up on the list!
That I couldn’t resist or err
The injection took away a lot of blood
To fill in the glass tester
That was, previously, lying at rest
The reports took a couple of days
To bring its analysis to the best
And until then, my brain was running
Usually, its never ever at rest
To invent a way out for the knee that was – paining
The way out of my house
Through piazza
Led me to a homoeopath
Dr Giaza
… on then it went for long
On a sunny day, the pain was gone
Yesternight the sun went hence, And yet still is here today
~ John Donne
Pain or the doctor is not the catch
But the fact that the egg
Has to hatch!
If it grows into a chick
Or gets fried on its way
Are the two possibilities
Either of which has to stay
And be a part of its future today
Accept the day
Without the usual affray
with it(day), for random events from the life
That It chooses to display

Accept the day
Without the usual affray
with it, for random events from the life
That It chooses to display
~ Ishika Aggarwal

If possible, do stress on the phrase, ‘Live in day tight compartments’, as quoted by Dale in his book ‘How to Stop Worrying & Start Living’.
Our true business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.
~Dale Carnegie


Live it like this

A Life Worth the Breaths

For people who candidly love to travel can understand the immense pleasure that accompanies. Footslogging on the sedgy passes that leads to hilltops, rills, scenic valleys and other adventurous destinations can give a kick no feeling can substitute.

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