I acknowledge your cheer, but to add …
I write, trivially. That’s it.
Beautiful or not, is an adjective. Which is more a part of you, than what I say.
You read it with your perception, and get a lesson or a few, at some modest day.
I too read my blogs. Words, though with similar sounds, sound different each vanilla day.
Words like life, also have meanings that keep changing.
So, Keep reading!
~ Ishika Aggarwal
Life for me has a different role to play
happiness at time
and sometimes dismay
It’s during these extremes
that the words begin to sing, dance and play
and by themselves
in the sentences lay
and at last some people may say,
“What you write, is what begins my workaday!”
I don’ write beautifully,
Please don’t say.
I just pick up the pen and it let it role freely sometimes
stitching long paragraphs or a seeming array
I too read them, at least once an ordinary day
So, I too learn from what the words have to say
Words, like life, keep changing and
have a different meaning, each moment & each usual day.
There is an exercise I would like to add, if you allow me to say?
Write down  a word and
Do read it each plain day
let the word be the one that doesn’t exists
Sew one from the mind-mix
Then read it everyday
And in a week or so, it will convey
a new message, day-to-day
Follow it
~ Ishika Aggarwal
Words are actually childlike
even at rest, they are actually at play
What sentences they sew, I have no clue about,
to be honest I say
playfully, they themselves make the array,
“So, I don’t remember what I do write and say,
Words are capable to write and say,
reading which even I accept and reveal,
Oh my goodness! This writer blows me off!
May I know who she is,
So ordinary a meaning who un-conceals,”
The words I write are as new to me
as to you, when you read
And more new to me
every successive study-read
Unlike the quotidian things that wither with time,
these words grow newer each day!
~ Ishika Aggarwal
So something that flows beyond conventions,
and becomes newer, and younger each day is
A string, since childhood, we all sing than say
Abcdefghi.. jklmop.. qrstuvw…
~ Ishika Aggarwal
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