So Are you ready?

Good!But, ready for what?

I guess ready to hear a boring lecture about ‘LIFE, The Little Four Letter Word’

Jis tarahChaye me Sauf aur elaichi zaruri,Fruits me mango, Aur Khane me aloo k paranthe k sath meethi lassi zaruri, Snacks me gol-gappe ka hona zaruri, Usi tarah zindagi me tadka hona is kinda compulsory!  So, in your life, all you gotta to do is to find a flavour that can add spice to Ur living. Life is like a stage and the show goes on almost forever no matter what.Where everyone has got different roles to play.Standing here, I am surely incapable to tell u how u should play yours.You are the best person who fits the role that u think you have been given by chance and you are the one who knows how to live it/ enact it in the best possible way. So you must be thinking that if you know kinda everything.. what am I here eating your head for?

Choose your flavour

I am just gonna be an example.The tale is about how I found the flavour that adds Colour and Spice to my life. And all you gotta do is … to not to imitate or follow the tales that you may discover in your lifetime or the ones i shall dictate But but to get alarmed and instigated, excited and pumped up, or be put in-vim through them so that you buck up to catch each And every moment that is ticking by without your notice, and add in it colours from the rainbow that you think your life should be made of. 

As a matter of fact,

I don’t want my biography to be a dull one! Don’t you wish that too? So if you wanna tell some beyond ordinary nd thrilling tell-tales to your upcoming generations;If you wanna enjoy every word of it as you narrate your life stories to your kids at the bedtime;Or if you wanna carry a tapestry of worth-a-gasp memories on the wall of your life; Live each and every little moment to the fullest. Let the meaning of the lil 4 letter word ‘LIFE’ tend to infinity (too mathematical? 😅 !) Let your definition of life give you a kick! Nevertheless, hang on 

 Before you part, may i know that…

 what’s your idea of an exotic cookery or what’s your most preferred cuisine? My favourite cuisine is LIFE. TRY having it at least once.Maybe you might end up enamoured of it’s flavour, in the same way as i do !    

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