“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”— Abraham Lincoln

Do you get excited when you hear tales of extraordinary dreams?

Have you ever heard someone talk about,

  • A success story?
  • A true story?
  • A genuine story of how someone accomplished a foot on the moon, who once could barely walk?
  • A lifelike story of how to hold high a hill?
  • A story of erecting a flag on the peak of the mountain?
  • A dedicated story of someone racing with a train, and being victorious?
  • A story of standing out, amidst innumerable?

A Long-cut with no shortcut

Did you find something shared in each such story that you heard, saw or read?I did. There was something that wasn’t unique among them. There was a long cut that none of them did cut short!

Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

~William Eardley PERSISTENCE! 

This was the only one thing common to each and every narrative accounting someone extraordinary.

The Tale Of a Lady and a Train

There was a person who got up early everyday and waited at the station for the express to arrive. As soon as she would hear the echoing knell of the train, she would tighten her laces and get ready.But, ready for what? Ah, ready to race with it! And as the train paced towards the next station after a stoppage of exactly 2 min and 15 seconds, the race would start, each coming day.The station master was never up as early as the race took place. But luckily enough, he was almost always there during the denouement minute of the race.As the lady would traverse back, breathing heavily, to the platform he would pass a comment as a routine, “Had you worked as hard in the school, you would not have been making a fool of yourself, everyday over here silly lady! “

Warning! This May Change Your Way Of Looking At ‘Life’ 

The lady would anyhow come every other day and repeat her practice, to reach the next stop of the train before it does.Almost an year was about to pass by, since she had been doing this, now.It was a chilling winter morning of November, when the incident transpired. The incident that didn’t change the history of our country, but for sure amended the station master’s comment and my way of life.The lady, as all the other mornings, was ready to race. But, for the first time the station master was up early and was probably going to the milkman, through the road accompanying the rail tracks, when he saw her. As the train started to whistle, as a symbol to leave the station, the girl got ready and for the first time, the master was also ready to be the only spectator, of the race. The station master stood motionless till her legs didn’t start the race.And then the next 15 minutes his bike, the train’s wheels and the girls feet were all in a race.

Finale Savvy

As they made it to the next station, the girl stood breathing heavily and the station master rushed towards the girl leaving behind his bike and shouting, ” You almost won, you did it, you were there, the train just crossed past you by seconds! You won ! We won!”Though the girl wasn’t capable of hearing ( was deaf by birth ) , but as much as the lips and the expressions could suggest, she was amazed to the master’s comment!The lesson here to be learnt is composed of only one, single word, iePERSISTENCE.Persistence can promise to bring to reality and animate all that you dreamof! Good luck!One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.”~Michelle Obama 

 Persistence guarantees the inevitable.~ Paramahansa Yogananda 

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