Hello! How do you do?

I write to write. That is it. I am incapable to tell you how to live, but I know how I discovered my path and just wish to lay an example for you to learn from, but not imitate!

Akin to the schools and all the other institutions, the life also has an entrance test, designed for you! 

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.

– Conrad Hilton

Fear Of Losing

Do you know that we all have a habit, perhaps a very common one.I will bring it to you with an example,There was once a man with a hundred sheep. He was passing by the woods amidst the dark hours. As he reached halfway, he brought the flock to a halt and began counting if all the hundred of the sheep were walking along. As he did, to his surprise he could count up to 99 only. That is, one of the sheep went missing. In the panic, fearful of losing the sheep, he began retracing the path he had come from, leaving the 99 behind …Don’t you find this laughable?In the worry that he might lose one sheep, he left the 99 and went behind the missing one, thoughtlessly. Although, this could end him up losing the entire mob altogether!Haven’t this ever happened to you? For instance, while paying bill at a foodery when you find a rupee or a ₹10 note missing in your wallet, have you never went around looking for it for more than seconds ?I personally have had been through such a fix many times.What has actually happened here? (This is what we do at different times during various incidents in our lives.) Whenever we try to move a step closer towards our intents or goals this is what stands amidst : A thought of dissatisfaction due to the feeling of something amiss.Because of the exhaustive days, that eat you up from early morning to the evening haze,doesn’t a thought ever stress on your brain that all you do is talk-run-walk in lanes, buses and trains. It does!Doesn’t the street sometimes appear to you as a map on which you are transcending across the boundaries, monotonously day-to-day. It does! Gradually, we begin to hate our busy schedules and are daily routes. What we feel we are lacking here is the enthusiasm. 

Day-to-day Crossword

Consider the following questions and try answering them•Do you sometimes find reading a newspaper too boring? But, does that means if you don’t read it daily you’ll be good at general knowledge?

  • Do you sometimes feel like skipping a meal especially breakfast? But, can you gratify your hunger out some other way?
  • Do you most of the times don’t feel like going at your work? But, will you be able to sustain a livelihood by not working?
  • Do you at times don’t feel like studying especially, just before your exam? But, will you score and pass if you do so?….


You might feel good by not having to read a newspaper but that won’t fetch you any G.K. intellect. 


You might feel good by not having to take the breakfast but that will make the rest of your day drowsy! 

By not going to your place of work or office you might get excited and plan a party but then you shall be expelled from the workplace eventually losing your source of income!And by not studying hard before the exam you might feel glad and burden free but you may then not score good or can even be detained from being promoted to the next class!So the point here is, even if following a set routine makes us feel that something is amiss,Don’t just quit the situation all of a sudden.Don’t react thoughtlessly and stop working towards your goals due to the disbelief that your work should have made you happy.( Hardwork is never easy and gleeful.)Don’t just run behind the one sheep and lose the remaining NINETY NINE! 

Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.

– Robert Kiyosaki 

So, What To Do Instead?

Just keep up on your track and move towards your intents. The happiness that is lacking will find its way. The vim that should be will certainly be. The glee and happiness will come to you iff you don’t give up.Don’t panic. Even if you are feeling tired, exhausted or frustrated, keep continuing. Even if the toss is always resting in a ‘tail'(Here, the coin with a head is considered to be success so the tail is a failure). This failure is a test that you are being put to. Accept it as and when it comes. 

The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.

– Barack Obama

Happiness is not permanent and so isn’t this pain that you are enduring at every hour every day. Actually the pain you experience during the hardwork is directly proportional to the happiness and satisfaction that will follow during the journey of success.If you feel tired, learn to rest and then continue moving.If you feel the vim is lost, add vim artificially and it will trace back its way.

As correctly said, 

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

– Winston Churchill 

Take the risk of losing a sheep to save the remaining 99 sheep.As,“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”– Jim RohnIf you will leave the 99 sheep and go after the missing one, you are actually accepting to lose the remaining 99 and running behind the missing one. And that too without much probability of even finding it!

Face The Tests ( to be worth the success )

Accept your failures, endure the pain, let the feeling of dissatisfaction and discomfort pass by. It’s normal. It’s normal to feel the panic, the dissatisfaction, the pain, the restlessness, the risk of failure, etcetera. Because, all this is a proof that you are working hard, way harder than everybody else.If the smile and happiness on someone who is living a meagre life allures you and you are ready to settle for the ordinary then STOP!Don’t work hard.But if and only if you are looking forward to an extraordinary life, you have to clear tests thrown upon you by the life to test if you are worth the ‘Extraordinary!’And you know that tests are never easy!

All the best.;) 

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