‘Sitting in the class

And yawNing…

More often than not

Linear algebra’s class

when not taken By Dubey sir

Ends up in drolls….’

The point is
This is what most of us do….

Half of us are busy with the noon show at the Cinepolis
And the rest are present in the class and yet absent at the same time

This is the scenario we show up with when facing life
Some of us run away from it, and are at bunk
Some of us are present but either in the present or the past
And the remaining are just dressed up in short breaths and
Loud beats thumping the heart

Give a thoughtLike i did

Live through the drought 
LIke only a few did when in 1770
When It came in Bengal
One third of The population
Had their bodies separated from the soul
And made to trashes
And ashes

Light is a wave

Light is a wave
sound is a wave
But flowing like a wave…
unaware of the way
Is really grave!

Make,less frequent drolls
And more frequent trolls
Through the days and the nights
May they be pale, vintage or bright
Do Hold the day
The grab be loose or tight
And live through the jiffies…
Aware of the life

Just awareness of your deeds
Will help you leed
Surely, A better life

Whenever you dream
You randomly can landon a beach or a bean
Or a place that challenges
The laws of physics, yet clean
The dream when you wake
Is a part of a journey, you didn’t take
And all you remember is the broken ends of the dream
The start is a part, that secretly departs
The inception is a movie
(Of which Your retina may have a part)
That Succeeds to explain
The strength of an idea, awareness and the brain game
Losing Awareness will lose you
The difference between the reality and the dream
Keeping you to restricted to a limber
A false world for hours , decades or centuries…
Nor will you remember the dream that fully
Nor would you have lived the moments
Nor would you appreciate the present
…Death may seem the only leap to exit these trends

Growing every moment just because of you...
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